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Choosing a name

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Choosing a name

Ok, so you've found the ridiculously cute and furry little rascal that's right for you and your home. Noew all he or she needs is a name to match. But where to start ?

The great thing about choosing pyppy names is that the kids at dog school don't tease like little people do. So you can have some fun and be far more adventurous with your choice.

Tips for picking the right puppy name

  • Try picking a name that is easy for your dog to recognise
  • One and two syllable names make learning the name easier for your dog (and young kids)
  • Avoid names which sound like commands eg. Joe sounds like 'NO'
  • Consider the ethnicity of the breed - choose a name from that region
  • Name the puppy after a physical attribute it has
  • All family members opinions should count as your puppy is now a member of the family

Need some help picking a name for your puppy ?

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